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New Year New Yogi!
Four Week Beginners Basics Course starting Tuesday Jan 7th
e mail us and sign up to bring fun flexibility strength and balance to your New Year!
£40 for the whole 4 week foundation course Tuesdays beginning Tuesday 7th 10.30am
Thursday beginners/Improvers class 10.35 from 9th Jan drop in
           still only £7 drop in.
            Find your happy place on the mat with us - go on give it a try


                                          New Year Quote:

        "Bring the qualities that you want in your life into your yoga"! 


 £7.00 drop in is our Chiswick Community
drop in rate. We have pegged thgese prices for the past 7
years and hope to keep them low as long as we can this year
"I have never done yoga before and I LOVE it!" Victoria
"It`s like my favourite class back in New York" Tina
"Awesome - quite  a workout!!" Donna"
"Thank you for saving my life twice a week!" Suzanna
"I feel like a whole new person after the class...it's wonderful" Kate

" An amazing teacher... everything is properly explained" Julie

"More Classes More Teachers More Fun!"

(Thank you Donna for the great quote!)

        Tues 7th Jan onwards
         9.30 intermediates Power Yoga
                 all levels welcome
         10.35  Special Foundation Course
                     Drop Ins £10 
                     option to complete the course
         Wednesday 8th Jan onwards
         CATHOLIC CENTRE, 2 Dukes Avenue
         Vynassa Flow 7 - 8 pm
         Thursday 9th onwards
         TOWN HALL
         9.30 Intermediate Power Yoga
        10.30 Beginners/improvers Slow Flow
       Sat from 11 January 2020
                9 am Slow Flow
                        (beginners welcome)
               10 am yoga strength
       classes begin again Tuesday 7th th January
         Sign up for our new Beginners Foundation course
         Tuesdays 10.35 four classes from 7th January
         Please e mail Jeanine:
  All new, practiced, curious, inflexible, flexible yogis welcome! Please get in touch with any queries about your yoga...or just turn up to our friendly classes, we have mats. What have you got to loose except tight hamstrings and bad backs?
Private yoga classes...
Deepen your practice,
work on tricky poses, take a mini
beginners course tailored for
you or a small group...daytime only. 

All classes only £7.00 drop in
any questions, call or email Jeanine to discuss your yoga practice
or simply drop in to any class...no booking required, mats provided
e-mail jeaninej@blueyonder.co.uk
for wednesday 7.00pm class call Jaquelline on 07941391500

JEANINE JOSMAN - VC from YAP on Vimeo.


please call Jeanine on the number below to discuss what you are looking for or to book a class