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All yoga postures derive from Hatha yoga.  Over the years Yoga Gurus have developed their own styles, such as Ashtanga, Iyenga, Jivamukti and Bikram. I like to borrow elements from the disciplines, tailoring classes to my students. Poweryogawithatwist is Power Yoga, which stems from Ashtanga, modified to include deep seated twists and stretches at any point in the class to balance the intensity of  flow stamina and strength yoga.  I always modify asanas/poses for people with muscle strain or imbalance. In the Jivamukti tradition, music is an important element in my classes, helping to set the tone and create a moving meditation.


This pic was from a training class for
Rainbow Kids Yoga.
I love my training courses, and grow my
practice and knowledge every year with new
courses and workshops. Hopefully this keeps
the classes fresh and interesting.



What I love about yoga is that the ancient yogis believed that life was tough, and devised the philposophy of yoga as a path to happiness by freeing our minds of distraction and moving us into the present moment.

The yoga practice we do in a class is a kind of physical embodiement of this philosophy. It teaches us to be present in our bodies, the way we were as children. Practising yoga postures also helps to strengthen and focus the mind - making us less reactive, calmer and more able to take lifes challenges in our stride.

Physically, yoga can trim inches by toning muscle, and improve posture by strengthening back and shoulder muscles, whilst easing neck tension and rounded shoulders.

The key roles that breathing and awareness play in yoga encourage a calm steady mind and a wonderful nights sleep.